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Please always spay and neuter your pets.  It will save lives.

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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Wildlife Problems

1. Don't leave cat or dog food outside at night.


2. Don't Leave bird seed in feeders or on the ground overnight.


3. Don't put unsecured garbage outside at night.


4. If you have a pet door, securely close it at night.


5. Trim Overhanging branches that provide easy access to your roof for squirels and other wildlife.


6. If you have a chimney, make sure that it has a secure cap. Chimneys without caps are open invitations to birds and raccoons looking for a "hollow tree" in which to raise their young.


7. Thoroughly inspect your roof, eaves and siding for signs of damage. Cover attic vents and other roof opening with heavy-gauge, rust proof wire mesh.


8. Cover foundation vents with heavy-gauge, rust proof wire mesh.


9. If you have a deck, install an L-shaped barrior to prevent animals from digging underneath it.


10. Share this information with your neighbors.


This information was given to All American Dogs by  911 wildlife is a great company that can help you live in harmony with the wildlife in your area.