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We are always looking for good volunteers.  If you like working with animals and have some free time please give us a call.  It takes a village.


Please always spay and neuter your pets.  It will save lives.

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Welcome to our Animal Control/Rescue site.

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If you have lost your pet, please check this page first...or use the Recently Found Pets link on the left.

Welcome to the Animal Control and Rescue side of All American Dogs.  We provide animal related services to our local communities.  We are currently partnered with Sixteen cities to provide Animal Control and Sheltering within their City limits. As part of our daily outreach we pick up stray animals and try to get them back to their owners.  In any case where the owner cannot be located and the dog is adoptable we reach out to both the internet community ( and our local communities to find loving homes.  

We have listed all of the Animals that we have at our facility to increase our adoption placements.  In addition to this website if you are interested please call us at 972-382-DOGS (3647).  

We also gratefully accept food donations to help with the feeding of the animals. 

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs